Mobile application design for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
All-in-one access to state and municipal services of Russian Federation.


A unified portal of public government services, where users can: enroll and submit requests along different departments, pay court and tax debts, state fees, utility bills, traffic police fines and much more.

Using the app you can: get a passport of the Russian Federation, International Passport, driver's license; find out about your traffic police fines and pay them; make an appointment with a doctor or a public department; find out about your tax debts and much more.

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услуг заказано через сайт и мобильное приложение
25.7 млн
успешных платежей на 30,3 млрд рублей
64.6 млн
зарегистрированных пользователей
303.4 млн
запусков мобильного приложения “Госуслуги”


Simple registration: Just enter your full name and phone number. With no usernames and passwords: log in with a finger print or a PIN code or a Face ID. Smart service catalog: Specify your location and see the catalog will all the public services available in your region.

Discounts: Payment tax and court debts at a discount of 50%, apply for driver's license or get a passport of the Russian Federation or an International Passport with a 30% discount. All the MVPs: Track the status of applications, view payment history, communicate with tech-support.


Runet Award “Best Mobile Application”
Tagline Awards “Best Government Application”
Best m-Government Service Award
Winner of the Golden App Award
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