The definition of a digital business card, its features and opportunities

Why does a company or an expert need a digital business card?

A Digital Business Card is a simple website consisting of several webpages. Its purpose is to describe your professional activities or to tell your clients about your company and its line of work.

If you are an expert in some area or offer your services in a field of your choice, then most likely you already have accounts in social networks. But a simple website will allow you to present yourself as a professional. A digital business card will make your brand more recognizable and take your business to a new level.

You need a digital business card if you are:

  • An expert providing professional services or counseling (e. g., you are a lawyer, an accountant, or a therapist)
  • An owner of a small or medium-sized business providing goods and services
  • A freelancer (a photographer, pastry chef, copywriter, etc.)

Digital business card goals

It’s like a presentation that tells about your activities, expertise, services, or goods. Show your works and testimonials from grateful clients — this will help to gain the trust and loyalty of your potential customers. There are all kinds of information on the Internet, and it's getting harder and harder to make a choice. Tell everyone why they should choose your goods or services.

The difference between a digital business card and a landing page

The goal of a landing page is to tell about a product, project, or event and encourage the visitor to take a desired action using consecutive pieces of information. It might be a purchase or participation in some event. You can read more about this type of sites here.

  • A landing page always consists of only one webpage. It is dedicated to a particular product or service. If you need to promote several goods, each of them should have a separate landing page. A digital business card usually consists of 1-10 webpages.
  • Conceptual blocks of a landing page are created using selling marketing models. A call to action is an obligatory element. On the other hand, a digital business card’s goal is to familiarize customers with the offered goods or services.

Website design

Website design can be complex, but it shouldn’t distract the visitor from the information you want them to see. You can add visual effects, such as animation or parallax. Usually, digital business cards have a couple of design templates — one for the main page and another for the inner pages.

The style and look of the site depend on your type of business and the audience you are targeting. For example, you provide legal services and your clients are from the B2B segment. In this case, your page should look presentable and convince your clients that you’re capable of solving serious issues. If you work with individuals, the design can be more colorful and creative.

Structure of a digital business card


About the company

In this section. the audience familiarizes themselves with the company or specialist providing services. Here will be information about your field of activity, experience, education, values — everything that you consider important for potential customers.


Products or services

Tell your customers what exactly you offer, what problems you can solve. Think about things that might set you apart from your competitors. Prices for goods and services or a request for a price list are usually placed here.



This section is obligatory. The user should be able to find your contacts easily and quickly, and the form of communication should be simple and as convenient as possible. It is better to give the client a choice: someone will want a phone call, and others will prefer to describe all the details in a message. If necessary, you can put office addresses, a map, a road map, and a work schedule here.



Examples of your work prove that you are experienced and competent. You can also display client reviews here. If your profession is creative, like photography or interior design, feel free to show some realized projects. Experts in some field, e. g., lawyers, accountants, or therapists, can tell about successful cases when they solved the customers’ problems. As for the beauty sector, "Before and After" pictures are popular.


Certificates and licenses

If your products have quality certificates or you have licenses for your type of activity from the relevant ministry or agency, you can display them in a special section of your website. This will help to gain your customers’ trust and persuade them that you’re a competent specialist. Diplomas, advanced training certificates — tell everyone about your achievements.

A digital business card can contain more sections. You can add a page about the management, your team, and awards.

Examples of digital business cards

A business site for Selina Group, a company that builds airplanes, engines, propellers, and avionics. View site

A small business site for Geomotive, a company that provides a set of tools used for analyzing the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. View site

A business site for Coptimum, a company that provides solutions based on cloud-based infrastructure and artificial intelligence to optimize technology and business processes.

Pros and cons of digital business cards

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this type of sites. When deciding what you need, it is important to keep in mind the goals you want to achieve and tasks you want to accomplish.


  • You don’t need to generate and publish new content all the time. That’s what distinguishes digital business cards from accounts in social networks
  • Creating a digital business card won’t require a lot of time and money
  • It will provide a constant flow of new customers, increase the sales and the income
  • Your competitors won’t receive the traffic from vital queries in search engines. Search engines will put your site on the first place in the search by the name of the company or brand, and this will provide you with a flow of warm customers
  • It will allow you to quickly find a contact for communication if the customer already wants to make a purchase or order a service
  • When scaling your business, you can gradually expand the site by adding new sections and functional blocks

There’s only one main con:

  • Limited functionality: the only purpose of a digital business card is to tell about you and the goods and services you offer. For a large business, you will need a full-fledged corporate website

Why you should order website development in Weexar studio

You can create a digital business card yourself with the help of website builders, but it is better to entrust it to the experts. We will cover all the details:

  • Develop an individual and memorable design
  • Choose a suitable content management system and use it to create a site with a convenient admin panel — or build it on any platform of your choice
  • Provide a user-friendly interface and easy navigation through the sections
  • Adapt the site for mobile devices and tablets

Creation of a website begins with a description of the structure and a prototype. The scope of work is specified in detail in the terms of reference, on the basis of which an estimate is made: you will know exactly what you will get.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to create a digital business card?

The price depends on its structure (the number of sections), the amount of content, the complexity of its presentation, additional programmable elements (complex feedback forms, calculators, filters, etc.). The price also depends on the complexity of the design, which can include all sorts of effects, animation, and illustrations.

Is it possible to promote a digital business card?

Yes, it is suitable for promotion. A well-designed digital business card for a product or service will be an entry point for traffic from search engines and will eventually generate leads for the business.

Which design should I choose?

It depends on your business and personal preferences. You can show us your favorite sites as a reference — or our specialists will offer you their options.

What is the advantage of developing a digital business card using a content management system?

One of the advantages of CMS is a convenient admin panel that allows you to make changes and even create new pages. Most of these platforms (for example, MODx) are free, widely distributed, and have a large number of developers, so they are regularly improved and updated. Website builders, on the other hand, have limited functionality and paid rates.

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